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SAP and OutSystems – RFC versus Odata

Integration with SAP is a hot topic, now that companies moving to S/4HANA are embracing a lean core strategy, meaning that they intend to build any extra functionality outside of SAP, if it does not logically belong to the core. In my previous article on OutSystems and SAP integration I focused on this already, but

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NovioQ NextStep Aftermovie at the Heineken Experience

On November 16  the annual OutSystems NextStep event took place. While normally this is a great event in Amsterdam, this year it was hybrid. This meant that the event could be watched fully remote, there was a full program with a variety of great presentations online available. Besides that, some partners offered the possibility to

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SAP and OutSystems integration

OutSystems is being used more and more by large enterprises to innovate the way software is being developed. This means that OutSystems needs to be integrated with the enterprise’s massive legacy systems, which almost always is SAP. OutSystems has a native connection using SAP’s .Net Connector, but can also work with other protocols like OData,

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OutSystems versus Fiori

A question I get asked a lot is: why use OutSystems to build web and mobile apps connecting to SAP? Especially when SAP lets you use Fiori for free as part of its regular license fee. There are four main reasons why: Total Cost of Ownership Integration Software Architecture UI/UX In case you are not

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Transforming ERP with OutSystems

Are you working for a company that has spent years implementing one single ERP platform globally as your company’s core systems-of-record? While writing millions of lines of custom code to make reality fit the standard? In the meantime creating a monster that is so hard and expensive to maintain, that even the simplest changes take

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2027 Is Coming Fast. What Are Your S/4HANA Migration Plans?

Watch this six minutes video in which Roy van de Kerkhof, Senior SAP Architect, Technical Director at NovioQ explains the challenges SAP customers are facing when they want to migrate to S/4HANA. OutSystems offers three options for SAP customers to keep everything manageable and at the same time be innovative whether they want to replace custom applications or

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SAP Developer or Forest Ranger?

Having worked with SAP as a Technical Consultant for twenty years, I think I have gotten to a point where I can safely say that I know quite a bit about SAP programming technology. I used to be a typical ABAP developer: duly taking courses to keep up with the latest developments, attending the SAP

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SAP and OutSystems – Bimodal IT

We are getting more and more questions from traditional SAP shops to help them set up a bimodal architecture. The benefit of this bimodal architecture is obvious to us, but it is great to see that others are starting to see the enormous business potential of the idea. So what is bimodal architecture? We like

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